David DesRoches



All the photos below were taken by me throughout various times in Ethiopia and the United States. These are the ones I use in the header on this website. I have tons of photos but since I’m not a photographer by trade, it might be disingenuous to promote this work. I do like snapping pics though, and I’m not terrible at shooting and editing video, either.

Children after attending church on top of the Demota Terrara, in the Wallaita-Sodo region of Ethiopia. We hiked up the mountain where the orthodox church sat, and I snapped this photo as everyone stared at me and appeared amused at my awkwardness.

The road south from from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, through Shashemene, the Rastafari haven.

A student at the Adams International School in Goochland, Va., raises the American flag.

Inside the silo at the Adams International School.

Girls from the Wallaita-Sodo region in Ethiopia, taken in 2007.