Osypuk says parents were ‘insatiable’

A controversial piece of a complicated puzzle has emerged with an 18-page letter penned by Darien’s former special education director who describes a desperate Board of Education that hired her to fix a culture that catered to the whims of demanding parents and their high-powered lawyers.
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Exodus: More Darien kids attending other schools

The number of children attending schools outside of Darien reached a seven-year high last year, according to a Darien Times analysis. This happened as Darien High School was ranked best in the state by U.S. News & World Report. Continue reading

District mismanagement runs deeper than special ed

A desk audit conducted during the summer by state officials found Darien Schools were out of compliance in 16 areas related to bullying, sexual harassment and gender equality in school sports. These findings have opened up a litany of other management issues going back to 2011, as a lack of information from the district administration has prevented the problems from receiving public scrutiny.
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School employees break silence

The silence has died.

In the wake of a growing and deepening public school crisis, current and former Darien Schools employees are stepping forward to shine some light on an assortment of problems that happened last year and which ended in findings of illegal activity and the resignation of the district’s superintendent.
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Report shows systemic flaws in Darien’s special ed program

“It was the most difficult job of my career.”

The words of attorney Sue Gamm, said to The Darien Times, speak volumes to the depth of problems that took place in Darien’s special education program last year. If there were any doubts that the 25 parents who signed a complaint with the state Department of Education had been melodramatic with their concerns, it’s likely that Gamm’s summary report could dispel that assumption.
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