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Greetings and salutations! This is where my stuff lives (at least as long as I pay my bill to WordPress). I work as an education reporter at the public radio station WNPR in Hartford, Connecticut. As part of this position, I get to work with high school seniors who attend the Journalism and Media Academy in the Learning Lab, which is an innovative initiative launched by Connecticut Public Broadcasting.

Stories are available on the main menu above. Feel free to visit me on LinkedIn, or check out my past work with The Darien Times newspaper. You can also scope The Ferguson Files and The Wool & The Beacon, both projects of mine in various stages of development.

You can download my resume [doc], which includes some kind words that people have said about my work. Or if you’re really bored you can read my bio.

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About me

A native of central Virginia, my special education reporting in Darien, Connecticut, has been cited as one of the most comprehensive explorations of disability rights among children in the Unites States.

Special education attorney Pete Wright said: “Since passage of the law in 1975, there has been no other reporter or journalist who has written so extensively about special education issues with such a positive impact as David DesRoches. Second to David is perhaps Brent Staples, editorial board of The New York Times.”

Before journalism, I ran a flyer distribution company, started a non-profit media organization in Ethiopia, and taught songwriting to people with physical and intellectual disabilities. He often contributes to journalism seminars focused on education, investigations and First Amendment issues. When not pestering public officials, I thoroughly enjoy pestering friends at craft beer pubs, traveling to unpopular locations, exploring nature and playing music.


Special Recognition:
1. Two-time “Reporter of the Year” by the New England Newspaper and Press Association (NENPA), 2013 and 2014
2. STAR Inc. Media Award, presented by STAR Inc., Lighting the Way, 2013

First Place Awards:
1. Investigative Reporting,  NENPA 2015
2. Right-to-Know, NENPA 2015
3. Investigative Reporting, Education Writers Association, 2014
4. Right-to-Know, NENPA 2014
5. Education Reporting, NENPA 2014
6. Government Writing, Virginia Press Association (VPA) 2009

Second Place Awards:
1. Education Reporting, NENPA 2015
2. History Writing, NENPA 2015
3. Human Interest Feature Story, NENPA 2015
4. Investigative Reporting, NENPA 2014
5. General News Writing (with Susan Shultz), NENPA 2014

Third Place Awards:
1. Personality Profile, NENPA 2014
2. Crime & Courts Reporting, NENPA 2014
3. Crime & Courts Reporting, NENPA 2013
4. General News Writing, VPA 2009

Additional Honors:
1. Second Place (staff award) for Special Section, NENPA 2012
2. Third Place (staff award) for Print/Online Converage, NENPA 2012