…welcome to my portfolio…


This is where my stuff lives (at least as long as I pay my bill to WordPress). I’m the director of community programming at Quinnipiac University, where I run the podcast program and host several podcasts, including Isolated Together, about the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m also senior producer of America Decoded, a Sundance-funded podcast about the inequities caused by technology.

Prior to entering academia, I spent a decade in journalism, and for half of that time I worked as an education reporter for WNPR, the NPR member station in Hartford, Conn. I also worked for a few newspapers, including The Darien Times.

Stories are available on the main menu above. Feel free to visit me on LinkedIn, and connect with me on Twitter and Instagram. You can also visit The Ferguson Files, an archive of the freelance work I did in Ferguson, Missouri after Michael Brown was killed by a police officer.

If you’d like to send me news tips, my email address is davidoftherocks[at]gmail[dot]com