From Time to tanks to the town, Coyle leaves his mark

“You sir, amaze me, in that in the middle of your loss you can reach out and help our wounded heroes. It is people such as yourself, who make these selfless acts, that overwhelm me and frankly, brings tears to my eyes.”

The words of Tweed Fox, co-founder of the Wounded Marine Fund, speak volumes to the character of long-time Darien resident and retired Marine Gene Coyle. People who know Coyle speak of an even-tempered man who approaches problems with a pragmatism reflective of the time and place he grew up — in the Bronx during the Great Depression. Continue reading


The return of the record: Johnny’s vinyl haven still going strong

The sign in Johnny’s store window read “Going Out of Business,” and it seemed as though this record shop was on the path of obsolescence carved out by MP3s and iTunes — a path laden with other record store casualties, remnants of what some were calling a bygone era. Continue reading

Ongoing service defines Vietnam vet’s patriotism

 While many war veterans hang up their uniform once their service time ends, for Darien resident Phil Kraft, the fight for freedom has continued decades after he left Vietnam. This fight, however, is not against Communism or terrorism or other foreign entities. It’s a battle for American veterans’ rights.

Continue reading

A virtuouso in the making

Middle schooler Christopher Jessup learned to sing before he learned to speak. As a baby, his parents remember him humming in his crib, perhaps recalling a classic jazz tune from the home stereo. “I like to sing,” Chris said, pausing from rehearsals for the Middlesex Middle School variety show last spring. “I like to sing a lot.” Continue reading