Last lobstermen battle bureaucrats and each other as fishery struggles to rebound

It’s been eight months since Darienite Roger Frate checked his lobster pots in the western Long Island Sound. Why?

“Financially, we can’t do it,” Frate said, throwing his hands in the air. Instead, the 40-plus year lobsterman is trying his hands at clams and oysters, which he said haven’t been too bad lately. Continue reading


Public, lawmakers gather to combat climate change

Shoreline communities across Connecticut face an unprecedented foe that threatens the very foundation upon which these communities are built: climate change. Continue reading

Lobstermen blame pesticides for declining population

A stack of files piled a foot high rests on Roger Frate’s legs as he attempts to explain 13 years of advocacy against the chemical pesticides that he says are ruining the Long Island Sound lobster fishery. Each file holds records Frate has collected after spending thousands of hours in meetings across the East Coast, trying to end the use of chemical pesticides that kill mosquitoes to control the spread of West Nile virus. Continue reading

Rising seas, invasive species concern coastal property owners

Sally Knowlton-Keen lost her shoe in the logy muck of a Darien marsh back in 1959. She was 7, and her family had just bought a home on Edgehill Drive for $35,000. But losing her shoe wasn’t a horrific moment, as it might have been for some children. Instead it was the beginning of a deep reverence for this natural habitat; a reverence fueled by a curiosity and wonder that has stayed with her over the past half century.But these days, Knowlton-Keen fears something far worse than losing footwear — the death of the marsh itself. Continue reading

Ongoing service defines Vietnam vet’s patriotism

 While many war veterans hang up their uniform once their service time ends, for Darien resident Phil Kraft, the fight for freedom has continued decades after he left Vietnam. This fight, however, is not against Communism or terrorism or other foreign entities. It’s a battle for American veterans’ rights.

Continue reading

90210 star visits 06820

A slice of “Beverly Hills 90210” came through Darien Tuesday, when actor Ian Ziering stopped by the Spree clothing store on the Post Road to promote a skin care product. Ziering played the brash rich kid Steve Sanders in the hit 1990s television series, arguably his most well known artistic effort. Crowds of women piled into the Post Road shop to catch a glimpse of Ziering and see why he was in town. Cameras flashed while local ladies posed with the star, and visitors were hard-pressed not to associate him with his long gone “90210” character, like a close friend who had grown apart from his hometown clique. Continue reading

A virtuouso in the making

Middle schooler Christopher Jessup learned to sing before he learned to speak. As a baby, his parents remember him humming in his crib, perhaps recalling a classic jazz tune from the home stereo. “I like to sing,” Chris said, pausing from rehearsals for the Middlesex Middle School variety show last spring. “I like to sing a lot.” Continue reading