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Onus on parents to investigate

Parents who thought the state would alert them if investigators found their children might have been harmed by Darien Schools’ illegal special education practices will not be getting a notice from state officials addressing that issue.
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Town divided over future of special education

While the schools have publicized a summarized version of what residents, teachers and students are looking for in an interim special education director, an examination of the entire results paints a somewhat different picture — one of a divided town that is split over the best path for the schools to take.
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Newspaper claims schools denied access to info

After no response to at least three requests for public records from the schools, The Darien Times has filed a complaint with state Freedom of Information Commission, alleging the schools have denied access to public documents.
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District’s chain of command questioned

To whom does Darien’s director of special education report? This simple question has no easy answer, as an examination of thousands of printed email pages appears to conflict with the official chain of command provided by the schools. Continue reading

Schools given blank check for legal fight against parents

It’s been said that money can’t buy happiness, but according to finance board emails obtained by The Darien Times, money can buy a good legal fight.
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Records reveal details of broken trust, parents say

A review of thousands of public documents from over the last year by parents and this newspaper has revealed further background, history and possible trust violations regarding special ed practices and concerns, parents told The Darien Times this week.
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Schools’ lawyer: ‘Mistakes were made’

Illegal activity. Cover-ups. Omissions. Lying. Retribution. Intimidation.

These are but a few of the allegations being thrown at the Darien School district by parents concerned that the schools are not providing some special needs children with the appropriate education they’re entitled to under the law.
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Former TV journo helping schools craft messages

If it takes a village to raise a child, perhaps it also takes a village to handle a special education complaint.
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Complaint against schools gains steam

Another piece of potential evidence has surfaced claiming special needs children in Darien Schools are not being given a proper education under the law.

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